Importance of personal boundaries

  • Intellectual worth and boundaries
  • Emotional worth and boundaries
  • Physical worth and boundaries
  • Social worth and boundaries
  • Spiritual worth and boundaries
  • value your own opinion as equally as you value others’ opinion
  • don’t compromise your values for others even if it is your close family and friends or spouse
  • appropriately share personal information about yourself evaluating the context and the people
  • are accepting of others when they say no to you
  • avoid intimacy or close relationships with people
  • usually don’t ask for help
  • have very few close relationships
  • may seem detached
  • distance yourself to avoid rejection
  • over-share personal information
  • have difficulty saying no to the requests of others
  • get over involved with other’s problems
  • tolerate abuse or disrespect



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Sharanya KM

Sharanya KM

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